Software Applications for Niche Business

Solid, Well Build Software

Infogen distills many years of software development expertise into building software for niche industries. We look for oportunities in businesses, niche industries or even needs for personal software where that market is underserved, not fully satisfied or just simply devoid of a good software solution. We find the need and fill it with an elegant and effective solution.

Intuitive Software Applications

Developing software to satisfy needs, elegant applications to simplify your business and sophisticated system to maximize potential.

Our Guiding Principals in Developing Software:
  • Understand the needs you are developing for
  • Calibrate to the needs and sophistication of the users
  • Listen to the user community
  • Build industrial strength foundations
  • Make it easy and intuitive to use

The Evolution of Software

Life is complex enough without having to manage all the details. That is where we come in. Even the most complex problem can generally be reduced to a multitude of smaller steps. And by reducing the problem to it's constituent parts, an easy solution can be found.
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Elegant Solutions to Complex Problems